Monday, 19 September 2011


A babydoll is a piece of lingerie for women. It is distinct clothing with its cut and shape mainly used as nightwear. It is loose fitting that is of varied length, mostly short with flared hemlines. The sleeves are often either there or not. Usually, the babydoll lingerie only has spaghetti straps as the sleeves. As lingerie, it brings out the seductive atmosphere by providing breast lift, pull, support and enhances the cleavage in the form of cups called bralette. These cups usually mark the waistline of the babydoll lingeries. Down from the bralettes flows a loose fitting skirt that goes all the length of the lingerie, mostly to the upper thigh. The Babydoll lingerie is often made of either transparent or translucent fabrics. These include chiffon, nylon or silk. The babydoll lingerie is usually dressed to kill to give it different looks and designs. The common styles used to style up the babydoll lingerie are ; the use of lace, bows, ribbon and fur among other creative ways. 
The history of babydoll lingeries dates back to the 1950s thanks to a movie that was called baby doll. Although the star in the movie was only a 19 year old girl called Carroll Baker, the style of the baby doll lingeries has over the years gained immense popularity among the older women. The babydoll lingerie drew its inspiration from the bra, corset and bustiers. The making of babydoll lingeries was as a result of the need by the women to express their love without holding back. This was the time when women realized their role in sex and role they can play in revitalizing their sex lives. This entailed little or no coverage on their bodies, accentuation of their glorious figures and body parts with minimal if any underwear. Actually, the world of women fashion is now moving from baby doll lingeries to make dresses of the same style, only that they can be worn outside the bedroom and during the day. Dabbed babydoll dresses, these dresses are short, lacy and have the same cut as the babydoll lingerie. Despite all these, there are still huge differences between the adult type babydoll lingeries from the infant babydoll lingerie. While the adult type is meant to be erotic and seductive, the infant type is mainly just a piece of clothing which reveal nothing much but the diapers.
Leather lingerie is often sold as a set of matching panties and other underwear. They usually come in different styles, shapes, sizes and color. The shops and malls that sell them usually stock them as a distinct line because they are different from any other piece of clothing. Although they many fashionistas and marriage counselors say that every wife must have Leather lingerie if not a collection, the public put a whore look on the Leather lingerie in the early 1990s. Unlike other types of clothing, Leather lingeries seem to be addictive. Girls who wear them seem to want to have and explore more of what Leather lingeries offer. The psychological effect of the babydoll longer not only affects the women but also the male counterparts likewise. The wearers of the Leather lingerie.

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